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WWW projects

Other projects
Content and technical administration
Content Technical administration (1)
Former projects
Creation (technic, design) Technical administration (2)

Other projects
- Content and technical administration -
8. tkrecht.detkrecht.de - deutsches und europäisches Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht

Information about the German and European telecommunications and media law (legal provisions, virtual library, reform of the German Telecommunications Act etc.).
Online since: 01/04/2003
7. FS CelsenFestschrift für Christian Celsen

Official site for the only essay in honour, every public pay telephone should be equipped with.
Online since: 30/09/2002
6. daufaq.deDAUFAQ.de - Juristen erklären das Internet

The Internet explained by lawyers - illuminating quotations from legal literature and practice with regard to the global data network.
Online since: 19/01/2002
5. NEXT-text_viewerNEXT - the text viewer/das Textanzeigeprogramm

Homepage for the fast and compact text viewer "NEXT" by Juergen Klawitter with the possibility to download the current and former versions of the program.
Online since: 2000
4. stapo.deStaPo - Staatsrecht und Politik

Introductory articles concerning several legal and political topics, like, e. g., the German parliament ("Bundestag"), the German president ("Bundespräsident"), the German federal reserve bank ("Bundeszentralbank") and the political parties in Germany.
Online since: 1998
3. GCPGerman Cyberlaw Project

The German Cyberlaw Project is a database that contains information about legal publications and decisions in the field of "Cyberlaw", i. e. telecommunications and multimedia law as well as related fields.
Online since: 1997
2. amigagadget.deAmigaGadget

WWW site of the Freeware magazine which was founded in 1990 and is published by me since 1994. Contains excerpts from the magazine and a download archive.
Online since: 1996
1. Web German AutobahnsWeb German Autobahns

Information (CD reviews, concert reports) about the British progressive rock band "Marillion". The site covers the era with lead singer "Fish" as well as the current line-up with Steve Hogarth.
Online since: 1996
- Content -
1. artikel5.deArtikel5.de

An independent WWW site, which was founded by lawyer Dr. Patrick G. Mayer. The site deals with the specific legal, regulatory and political safeguards and dangers primarily in the Internet but also in other media, with regard to the fundamental rights as laid down in Article 5 of the Grundgesetz, the German constitution.
Online since: 1998
- Technical administration -
2. feuerbach-strafrecht.deFeuerbach-Strafrecht

Portal for information about criminal law in the WWW, including a rating system, search functions and a lot of other features.
Online since: 2000
1. edgarweiler.deRA Prof. Dr. Edgar Weiler

WWW page of lawyer Prof. Dr. Edgar Weiler from Bad Schwalbach. The page contains, inter alia, information about the scientific and professional activities of Dr. Weiler and some of his publications as full text.
Online since: 1999

Former projects
- Creation (technic, design) -
2. SynstarSynstar OFFLINE

WWW portal of the German branch of the Synstar company.
End of participation: 1999
1. HALHypertext Aided Learning (HAL)

Interactive multiple-choice-test for students of law. HAL is part of the Jurlink project.
Online since: 1999
End of participation: 2000
- Technical administration -
1. www.jura.uni-marburg.deFachbereich Rechtswissenschaften der Philipps-Universität Marburg

WWW site of the faculty of law at the Philipps-Universität in Marburg.
End of participation: 28/02/2001


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